Hubs and Access

The NEXT is composed of four main hubs, located in the following Universities:

Take a look at our Capacities, and please contact us to help decide on the most suitable mode/equipment for your project. Our facility staff are available to help with this and to offer advice on your X-ray tomography projects.

The prices are to be discussed according to the project, the hub location, equipment to be used, and the need for support during the data collection, data processing and data access.

Projects involving human samples must have the REK approval, as well as those involving animal samples must have the approval of the ethical committee.

You can also contact directly one of our hubs, and ask for more information:

University of Oslo

The hub at UiO (Prof. Reseland and Prof. Haugen) collaborates with numerous national and international research groups and industries (see letters of intent) where the focus area is X-ray imaging of medical biopsies and devices, biomaterials and implants.

Local contact: Dr. Liebert P. Nogueira (

University of Bergen

The hub at UiB (Prof. Mustafa) include a multidisciplinary team of scientists, clinicians, and bioengineers. UiB has broad applications not only in the life science but also in the material science, and samples varying from fish food to clinical tissues.

Local contact: Dr. Ying Xue (

Norwegian University of Science and Technology

The hub at NTNU (Prof. Breiby and Prof. Mathiesen) is recognized internationally for the development of experimental methods, instrumentation and applications of different X-ray imaging techniques, with significant research activities at international large-scale X-ray synchrotron facilities.

Local contact:

University of South-Eastern Norway

The hub at USN is headed by Prof. Aasmundtveit, and collaborates closely with the Norwegian microelectronics and micro/nanosystems industry, through research projects and as service provider for device and material characterization.

Local contact: